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tweets to apr 21 - disruptive sustainability

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
4/20/13 6:13 AM
6 ways capital markets undermine value creation: Why disruptive sustainability is new leadership framework…
Another Harvard professor, Clayton Christensen, is also pushing back against the business-as-usual mindset of “measure what you manage and manage what you measure,” which has also infiltrated the CSR and ESG vernacular. Christensen has said “[T]he way they designed the world, data is only about the past. And when we teach people that they should be data-driven and fact-based and analytical as they look into the future, in many ways we condemn them to take action when the game is over.” C
And when Michael Porter replaces his Five Forces framework with Creating Shared Value -- maybe that, too, is disruptive sustainability.
In the final analysis, management is prediction. Data can inform, but it alone cannot predict. As Christensen once observed, ”The only way you can look into the future -- there’s no data -- so you have to have a good theory. We don’t think about it but every time we take an action it is predicated upon a theory. And so by teaching managers to look through the lens of the theory into the future, you can actually see the future very clearly. I think that’s what the theory of disruption has done.”
My advice to CSR or ESG professionals: Don’t look to a 30-year-old framework from Harvard Business School to show relevance; formulate a good theory -- a compelling, credible, disruptive theory -- and make your case based on that.

Ann Bartlett (@AnnBartlett)
4/16/13 11:05 AM
RT @ReachScale: Don't forget to read Ben's brief on how we can achieve the MDGs in just 1000 days #WorldHealthDay

Soul Biographies (@soulbiographies)
4/20/13 6:28 AM
Two men set out on a path
to shake the world.
And gather gold … #wisdom

- Jeff Goldstein (@doctorjeff)
4/20/13 6:14 AM
A classroom is not a place. It is a frame of mind. #edchat The video:… #TEDx

- Jeff Goldstein (@doctorjeff)
4/20/13 6:25 AM
On human exploration and the majesty of the universe, interview with Kauffman… #edchat #TEDx

Ashoka UK (@AshokaUK)
4/20/13 6:16 AM
The past 10 years saw Social Enterprise become mainstream - what will the next 50 bring? @jeffskoll #AshokaAtSkoll

Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)
4/20/13 6:25 AM
Fascinating look at how jazz was used to fight communism [video]

David Weinberger (@dweinberger)
4/20/13 6:21 AM
My @CNN post about what we learn from how we react to not…

For example, my three narratives each assume humans are pretty much autonomous, and therefore we have to look inside them to see the reasons they acted -- a set of political beliefs for the Anti-American, impossible social needs for the Antisocial, and totally crazy beliefs for the Delusional. Further, all three of my narratives assume that empathy and social connection are the natural state for humans, so you have to come up with reasons to explain antisocial behavior; there are other narratives that say that humans are fundamentally selfish, so you have to explain altruistic behavior

Scott McLeod (@mcleod)
4/20/13 6:01 AM
Boss Level: A School’s Experiment with Connected Learning | Connected Learning Research

So what about the disconnect between the essential question and the videos the students created? The essential question was meant to broaden students’ horizons and incorporate a social justice slant to the activity.  But the question was selected by adults.  It may be that students deliberately chose to downplay the stated prompt, in favor of elevating their own interests. In this case, the subversion of the theme could be viewed as students actually performing the stated essential question. By ignoring the adult-sanctioned prompt, students were actively challenging a system created by adults.  Thus the stories the students chose to create answered an essential question of the students’ own choosing (i.e., how can I make a movie that my peers enjoy?). 

Fred Bartels (@fredbartels)
4/20/13 6:10 AM
Drip, drip, drip. The media shifts our focus from one heart-wrenching crisis to the next. Meanwhile inequality grows & grows.

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
4/18/13 8:49 AM
The Saudi Marathon Man's Eyewitness Account translated from Arabic: #BostonMarathon

Audrey Watters (@audreywatters)
4/18/13 11:29 AM
Yay! @dpla!

Michelle Bourgeois (@milobo)
4/17/13 11:15 PM
“Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.” 
― Daniel H. Pink

Michelle Bourgeois (@milobo)
4/17/13 11:16 PM
“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” 
― Peter F. Drucker

Andrea Moran (@andream_m)
4/16/13 7:40 PM
Parent-lead "opt-out" movement against US standardized testing-… via @washingtonpost
cc @RaceToNowhere #education

If a test is done right . . . there is no more efficient, less expensive, no simpler way to get a snapshot of whether students are effectively learning,” said Sandy Kress, a Texas lawyer and former Bush aide who has been working on school accountability issues for 25 years and helped write No Child Left Behind.

perhaps.. because.. if it's done right(?) it's a self assessment with someone alongside(Latin defn of assessment is alongside)

JackieGerstein Ed.D. (@jackiegerstein)
4/18/13 7:06 AM
16 Ways To Promote “Grit” and Delayed Gratification In The Classroom… via @inform_ed
For example, if they forfeit the free homework pass each day for a week, at the end of the week, the kids who did get an extra 15 minutes of recess. You’ll quickly see who likes the immediate gratification and who is willing to wait it out
seems ridiculous..
5 times even just 10 min a night is 50min
15min recess... you aren't testing pure grit.. are you..?
and always baffling..the thing we decide is give-up-able... no?
your goal as a teacher is to have your student fill out 100 multiplication facts in five minutes, use it as an opportunity to teach resilience
school itself is an act of resilience... most are shining at... 
its unbelievable (and shameful even) how many don't rebel... but rather rely on the incredible resilience they learned from early on... holding their breath during the day... in order to get .. perhaps .. 15 more min recess on Friday..or a clearance from homework..

are we listening..
let's lean in more..
to ourselves, our words, our experiments... to others.
what matters.. ? seeing people.. perhaps we work on that.
7 billion incredible experiments ... waiting to be launched..
that daily... hourly... waiting... to get to do what matters to their gut...what keeps them up at night... gets them to jumping out of bed in the morning..
a very polite grit..
anyone want to see.. true grit.... .? 
other words, once in awhile it will benefit your students to give them a problem or worksheet that they cannot complete perfectly. Warn them ahead of time that the goal of this exercise is simply to try – not to succeed. At the end, hand out a reward or grade that is dependent on their effort, not the aptitude
oh my.
If you have the students’ desks arranged in groups, have them participate in friendly competitions. For example, to encourage healthy snacking, have each team earn a point every day the whole group brings in a healthy snack. The reward will be something that happens in the future (like an ice cream party or movie). In this case, students will have to be mindful of their snack each morning at home when they pack
interesting.. no?

johnkellden (@johnkellden)
4/20/13 6:11 AM
Zen of Small Tasks: How to make a baby via +Ed Chi…