Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Joi Ito (@Joi)
4/26/13 5:36 AM
My Freesouls story features on Fotopedia Reporter!…

love - what i'm trying to do is free someone's soul from his/her image

Steve Collis (@Steve_Collis)
4/26/13 5:37 AM
Amazingly worded school mission statement, and fascinating school - 'Avenues' HT to…
Avenues intends open up other global sites so that students can change from one school to another seamlessly. I came away with a sense that students will face great challenges in their learning at Avenues and this is precisely what they need in order to become effective global leaders.

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
4 Principles of Marketing Strategy In The Digital
However, strategy is fundamentally different from innovation.  As noted above, a good strategy is one that achieves specific objectives.  Innovation, however, focuses on creating something new and new things, unfortunately, tend to not work as well as standard solutions (at least at first).  The truth is that innovation is a messy business.
So failure must be an option, which is why venture capital firms expect the vast majority of their investments to fail.  However, failure must be done cheaply, so resources (and therefore senior executives) must be kept to a minimum.
The primary focus of marketing promotion used to be to create compelling advertising campaigns that would get the consumer’s attention and drive awareness.  Once potential customers were aware of the product, direct sales and retail promotions could then close the deal.
That model is now broken.  Today, effective promotional campaigns are less likely to lead to a sale and more likely to result in an Internet search, where consumers’ behavior can be tracked and then retargeted by competitors.  Simply building awareness and walking away is more likely to enrich your competition than yourself.
Successful brands are becoming platforms and need to do more than just drive consumers to a purchase, they have to inspire them to participate.  That means marketers have to think less in terms of USP’s, and GRP’s and more in terms of API’sand SDK’s.  Focus groups are giving way to accelerators and creation to co-creation.
In the digital age, brands are no longer corporate assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose.

GothamSchools (@gothamschools)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
RT @JulieLanoe: Inflicting the third and final book of the NYS Math Assessment this morning. I am sorry, my 10 year olds.

Rhett Allain (@rjallain)
4/26/13 5:43 AM
RT @physicistdanny: Your World is Your

“Your World is Your Lab” is a different type of MOOC because it contains a home laboratory component. Students go out into the world, take video of some phenomenon, analyze it, and construct a video report of their observations and analysis. These reports are graded by their peers (i.e., other students taking the MOOC) and these laboratories constitute the major portion of the “grade” in this MOOC.

Participation will vary greatly, and it’s unclear how many students (and how often they) will perform the laboratories. This is an ambitious undertaking; porting an entire introductory physics course to the MOOC format. That is why the research is so important.
perhaps where the staleness comes in... calling it intro physics.. rather than lab of world.

what if lectures were others' -peers as everyone, prof et al - conversations .. via hangouts..

then decide at end .. who wants credit for what.. or start a brain..?