Monday, November 12, 2012

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Wes Alkin (@MakeItCountWes)
11/12/12 6:12 AM
"How a $20 tablet from India could blindside PC makers, educate billions & transform computing"… @ClevrU

But the Aakash 2 isn’t just about replacing textbooks: It’s about bringing the full-fledged Internet to users who have never touched it before. In India, competition for wireless connectivity is so cutthroat that it’s possible to get an unlimited prepaid mobile data plan for $2 a month.
The Indian government is already connecting 600 universities and 1,200 collegeswith broadband and wifi, in addition to an effort to connect 250,000 villages with fiber-optic internet in the next two years, at a cost of $4.5 billion. Even so, says Tuli, almost all connectivity to individual devices—the so called “last mile” connection of the internet—will be achieved through cellphone networks.  - via Greg

  • The tablets will cost $20. 
  • The Indian government is subsidizing half the cost of the tablet.
  • The government is doing this because they'll recoup the cost of the tablet compared to the cost of distributing (public domain) textbooks for 3 years.
  • The company is doing this as in instrument to fight poverty.
  • Competition for cellular data is so intense that they can offer unlimited data plans for $2 a month.
  • The company has developed technology to compress and load webpages faster over legacy wireless networks, increasing access in areas where cellular connections are slow.
  • Many consultants are arguing that this model will disrupt Western markets, especially in low-income areas. 
Imagine if the government partnered with private companies to maintain broadband wireless networks everywhere in the U.S. and the resources to access these networks.

imagine if we let people in schools 7 hours a day - work on these things... we could have it done tomorrow..

Fred Bartels (@fredbartels)
11/12/12 6:17 AM
Millions of us buying generators… is a massive indictment of the utility companies. #fail #sandy #coned

oh.. what kids/schools could be doing...
to Greg

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
11/12/12 6:03 AM
RT @jlievens: Video of the Day: Don Tapscott on the Taxonomy of Networks | @scoopit via

policy - but not government based
governance - but not state based - may even exclude states

just a language to help us understand this new phenomenon

lisaansell3 (@lisaansell3)
11/12/12 6:12 AM
In fact the complete denial of the effect of what they do, by pretty much every part of our media is largely at core of our problems.

ie.. listening tour

Luann ChristensenLee (@stardiverr)
11/12/12 6:14 AM
@wmchamberlain @amandacdykes We also have herds of deer, who know that they aren't hunted in our woods.

people will come if they feel it's safe.. as in not hunted.. used.. (ed, et al)

Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL)
11/12/12 6:20 AM
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