Wednesday, November 14, 2012

crowd. us.

Andrew Gossen (@agossen)
11/14/12 6:21 AM
New post on Higher Ed Crowdfunding via@agossen

of course..
crowdsourcing crises and opportunity and curiosity... crowdsourcing funding..
why are we only doing this after hours?
why are we working/schooling 7 hrs a day.. for some (highly questionable) stamp of approval, and doing the work that matters at days/energys/moneys/humanitys end..?

we don't need to manage things.. we just need to set people free from the assumed course of a day.
we need people believing they are a part of the conversation.

we don't have to have everything planned out before we give this a try either. trust people. people are brilliant. all they need is time and space and resources. they have their own brain.
we just need to help them realize - it's legal to use it.


we are the crowd.

talking about this tonight at 9pm est