Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Bernd Nurnberger (@CoCreatr)
11/14/12 6:32 AM
To Sell Is Human by @DanielPink

book trailer video 2:10 via @edbrenegar

cc @BobPoole

a new approach to moving people


Gary Stager, Ph.D. (@garystager)
11/14/12 6:30 AM
"Flipped" learning = adult refusal to edit a corpulent curriculum outsourced to kids to work a 2nd unpaid shift #tretc2012

Sam Chaltain (@samchaltain)
11/14/12 6:30 AM
What would happen if urban school systems adopted as their theory of change? I think it would revolutionize #edreform

we don't need others to decide/plan/train ahead of time.. competency-based-pathways et al.
that might tweak ed a bit, help us to feel better. but it's not the empowerment that could exponentiate.. revolutionize. no?
All Proven Results97% of potential dropouts stayed in schoolYear after year Communities In Schools keeps students in school and on track for graduation.84% of students were promoted to the next gradeStudents receiving services from Communities In Schools are moving forward1.26 million students are doing better in schoolWith the help of Communities In Schools, 1.26 million students are achieving in school and in life.88% of seniors graduated on timeCommunities In Schools is the only dropout prevention organization to document graduation rate outcomes, and the results are noteworthy.87% of students reduced their high-risk behaviorsCommunities In Schools works hand-in-hand with students on personal goals that help pave the way to success.Two-thirds of teachers surveyed believe we are helping.The majority of teachers surveyed by an independent evaluator said that Communities In Schools helped them better serve their students.
yeah. so where is it that we get to question if these are the results we want proven. you know?
stay in school for what? move to next grade for what? graduation to/from what?
better? absolutely. lovely.
betterness? we can do more by managing it less.. by not adding these great ideas/programs on top of this assumed curriculum/basic learning. [denise pope, stanford, over 90% cheat, thinking of it more as survival]
attachment & authenticity..
let's experiment with just that.. no?
and not after hours... as the day

Gandhi Institute (@GandhiWorldwide)
11/14/12 6:28 AM
New Delhi child slave scandal is an outrage! #Gandhi

Helen Walters (@HelenWalters)
11/14/12 6:26 AM
"To live the life of a refugee is to be a leaf in the air." Sobering must-read: v @moorehn @AmyResnick

live is so rich. people would get off on working on things that matter to them... no?

Mozilla (@mozilla)
11/14/12 6:26 AM
Fast Company: "Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos" #mozfest #webmaker @popcornjs

experts are everywhere... we live in abundance... no need to mandate. esp what should be learned. no?

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
11/14/12 6:24 AM
Humans have . . . a unique propensity to share

chickenseychelles (@chickensaltash)
11/14/12 6:21 AM
Just in case anyone didn't realise I have written 11 very interesting blogs about #WISE2012 in the last 2 days :)

how would jobs design a classroom? - as a city.. at least.. no?

John Hagel (@jhagel)
11/13/12 6:18 AM
Exploring the edge - my perspective in the WSJ on why the MIT Media Lab is so important for executives

AJ Leon (@ajleon)
11/13/12 6:25 AM
Fun doing this interview for @davedelaney 's blog last week. "World and Meet People"

you go AJ -
Four years ago when I quit a very successful and average existence as a finance executive in Manhattan, I vowed to spend my days being a nomad. I want to soak every last ray of light, every last scent, every last savory foreign dish, every last hug I can from this beautiful planet while I have the privilege to inhabit it.

Gandhi Institute (@GandhiWorldwide)
11/13/12 6:19 AM
Human Trafficking is Violence Against #Gandhi

another little something people held up in schools not per choice.. could be working on..
and even... so boldly.. perhaps school by compulsion is where many of the perpetrators developed...?

TEDxMileHigh (@TEDxMileHigh)
11/12/12 5:50 PM
Check out this [infographic], then take a moment to walk around. Sitting is scarier than it

: )

from sugata via fb