Tuesday, November 13, 2012

henry jenkins - connected learning


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n the Hangout today:
  • 1. Henry Jenkins - Guest Speaker - @henryjenkins
  • 2. Mimi Ito - Moderator/Host - @mizuko
  • 3. Liana Thompson - Postdoctoral Research Associate for Civic Paths Project at USC Annenberg - http://ypp.dmlcentral.net/content/liana-thompson
  • 4. Neta Kligler - Doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC - @netakv
  • 5. Jenn Earl - Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona - http://jearl.faculty.arizona.edu/
  • 6. Sangita Shresthova - Research Director for Civic Paths Project at USC Annenberg - @sangitacivics
  • 7. Jeannie Crowley - Manager of Digital Media and Learning, Bank Street College of Education - @jeannieccrowley
  • 8. Maurya Orr - Media Specialist at Columbia College’s Center for Community Arts Partnership - @MauryaOrr
  • 9. Andi Rehak - Learning Sciences PhD student at Indiana University - @andistrack

rather than focus on twitter, focus on full range of engagement. - Jenkins

not about young people working alone - but about connecting them on equal footing - giving them a voice - Jenkins

fans are incredibly effective at learning from each other... much like we've observed with surfers and skateboarders... et al .. no?

bjoseph2: Great point! (re: When did Superman become American - ultimate immigrant)

Designing with Teachers: Participatory Approaches to Professional Development in Education http://henryjenkins.org/2012/09/designing-with-teachers-participatory-approaches-to-professional-development-

bjoseph2: opportunities for change is currently found in afterschool programs and informal learning communities." six years later, in what ways has the landscape changed, if at all?

Neta Kligler Vilenchik: the civic practices report sangita mentioned http://dmlhub.net/publications/learning-through-practice-participatory-culture-practices

The student in Senegal Henry mentioned: http://www.olpglobalkids.org/content/sunukaddu-voice-youth-senegal

Web definitions:
Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism) is a portmanteau formed out of the words slacker and activism. The word is considered a pejorative...

Neta Kligler Vilenchik: in 10 days after kony 2012, kony received media coverage equal to 5.5 years of the media coverage in previous years

jackiegerstein: Slactivision - having insights about Slactivism movements - like Henry