Tuesday, February 4, 2014


JosieHolford (@JosieHolford)
2/2/14 6:51 AM
@CurtisCFEE @TeachForAmerica @thechalkface This was telling: "TFA’s role is not to make educators. It is to make education reformers"

Johannes Kleske (@jkleske)
2/2/14 6:56 AM
We have the dystopian story of surveillance and we know where this goes. But we lack a vivid story of the utopian alternative.

“What is the reason to be alive?” Audience question at

honor harger (@honorharger)
2/2/14 6:28 AM
"One of the most powerful things that networks do is produce empathy."@Dymaxion #tm14

.. as it's one of most powerful things that play does...
freedom to quit... key factor... no...?

jelle feringa (@jelleferinga)
2/2/14 4:34 AM
Some really great lectures at #tm14, much looking fwd seeing those of @mthvnand @bratton

Beatrice Martini (@beatricemartini)
2/2/14 6:27 AM
.@Dymaxion: The only way to stay still, to keep you space which gets constantly squeezed by state and capital, is resist #tm14

Podinski (@podinski)
2/2/14 7:13 AM
Circumventing the Panopticon... in the Networked 5th Estate, Excellnt intro @deCespedes ! stream:transmediale.de/festival/lives… #tm14 #transmediale

Anne Roth (@Anne_Roth)
2/1/14 4:45 PM
Laura Poitras talks about how she works and what motivates her youtube.com/watch?v=NEipLr… #tm14

@irasocol There will come a moment when the student is working alone. A rubric provides a tool for self-reflection and feedback. @JustinAion

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sad if we expect a (other) man made rubric in our self-reflection..

guided self reflect... jaded self-reflect..
one reason we're not getting out of the cycle..

@JustinAion It's why we study and emulate the masters. :) That said, rubrics need anchors to be more than a sheet of paper. @irasocol

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@irasocol Then it's a poorly written top level :) I use ee cummings as example of a Level 4. @JustinAion

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@JustinAion Learners, especially gifted, need to know what it looks like, sounds like, to go beyond "good enough."  @irasocol

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@DataDiva @irasocol As do I. I dislike open-ended for exactly that reason. I want to know what success looks like

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@irasocol Find their own - absolutely. The rubric serves as a documentation of a process around quality. @JustinAion

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@irasocol A challenge with leaving top level blank is it doesn't help stds see what it looks like to go beyond & break rules. @JustinAion

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reminds of saxon.. what he did with math to get to the issue.
we balked it.. as missing the point.. perhaps he was just an early cheater.. survivor.. 95% er

When your kid(s) are about to do something you think is risky it’s better to tell them to “pay attention” vs “be careful.” #wisdomfordad

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Grit or Slack? Are we asking the right questions? asks @ericjuli http://t.co/kmI1sm3xqF #edchat #cpchat

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"Everyone has a differing need for solitude. I feel we haven't created space for children to find out what they need"http://t.co/7igmHgwqMt

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NewCitiesFoundation (@newcitiesfound)
2/3/14 7:02 AM
How would #Paris look if we replace ads with classical art? bit.ly/1n7cHlapic.twitter.com/tWqnOnR6wc

how would humanity look if we replace money/certification with gift/trust

Rovy Branon (@rovybranon)
2/3/14 7:03 AM
Annual tech trends: NMC Horizon Report 2014 Higher Education Edition | The New Media Consortiumht.ly/tdLc4


Join online screening w/ the filmmakers and subject from #AmericanPromise! Tomorrow --> http://t.co/i3WwIpIVbZ@BBBSA & @AmericasPromise

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Whenever problems popped up, I’d totally ignore them and pay attention to the people who had them. Suddenly all these issues were just dissolving. I swear it was like a Jedi mind trick.”