Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ericsson - future of learning

the system should adapt to them...

knewton - adaptive learning platform - produce course uniquely personalized to each student

sugata - a question of time - that we're all connected

10-ish - seth - we can't be focussed on grades - corrupting entire reason we have ed in the first place
11 min-ish in - stephen - learning prepares you for life, education prepares you for certainty

seth - at 13 min -ish - can't we get a new convo? if we can - then change will start to happen.
sat makes no sense, famous colleges are a scam

17 min - seth - revolutions destroy the perfect to enable the impossible

heppel - if i was going to make one change.. i would make school better - that will change history faster than anything else...


what are they using in africa? Lois Mbugua and Margaret Kositany

thanks Amy.....
via Amy:
So, I'm not totally sure what this software that Ericsson is distributing in Africa does, but here's an interesting video about using it to connect refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. Another lady (I think Anna Briet) is explaining how it is different from Facebook, because the content put into the software is not "owned" by Ericsson.

Panel on Empowering Communities through Connectivity at the 2012 Social Good Summit in Nairobi, with eLimu founder Nivi Mukherjee, Anna Briet and Bahati Ghislain of Refugees United, and Ericsson's Margaret Kositany.

The second part has a person who is involved in uniting the Minecraft community in Africa, someone starting Hackerspaces in Africa... !! Africa is ahead of us. :)