Saturday, October 6, 2012

shimon schocken

ultimate self-learner - surrounded himself with a manterage of mentors
such is the power of self-study
life-long tenacious self-learners

2:45 min - educators don't necessarily have to teach, but rather, provide an environment and resources that tease out natural ability to learn on your own, self-study, self-empowerment

impossible to connect with the soul of the machine - with all the
if you want kids to understand how computers work in the marrow of their bones.. have them build it

10 min - these people could care less about grades... doing it because of one motivation only - tremendous passion to learn
we're obsessed with grades because we're obsessed with data, yet grading takes away all the fun of failing, huge part of ed is about failing
orwell - mistakes are the portals of discovery
we don't tolerate mistakes and we worship grades
grading became degrading...
so let's upgrade

the trick is to surround yourself with brilliant people... because it's all about people

high tech.. schmai tech - the most important thing is to be a mench

mench: to be human and to do the right thing...