Saturday, October 13, 2012


Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
10/9/12 11:28 AM
Hot off virtual press: Social Currency 2012 Report… by@VivaldiPartners cc @ReachScale @LivingBridgesP @mitgc_cm

Nigel Cameron (@nigelcameron)
10/13/12 7:16 AM
I do believe so. Chaos slowly breaking as we transition. RT @jhagel: A1. Future of business belongs to the feminine archetype #ideachat


Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin)
10/13/12 7:23 AM
@jhagel "@OhMyJet @nigelcameron Archetype helps to suggest that not about men/women but mindsets/practices all can adopt #ideachat" < agree!

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
10/13/12 7:31 AM
Myss's archetype gallery…@MaryAnnReilly #ideachat

pammoran (@pammoran)
10/13/12 7:24 AM
@sandymaxey I like that picture of "dripping stone" against old structures ... imagery of change #ideachat

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
10/13/12 7:32 AM
Why SocEntrepreneurs are Antidote @ReachScale Distinction btw Soc Entrepreneurship #socent & Soc Innovation #BCLCGlobal

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
10/12/12 6:43 AM
Everything you need to know about human communication, right

John Hagel (@jhagel)
10/13/12 7:24 AM
@sandymaxey It's all about flow in the end . . . #ideachat