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Gabor Mate- Bio-psychosocial View on Neuro Degenerative Diseases Part 1
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try to understand disease... we try to look at the disease in isolation of the body.. problematic

idopathic - we don't know the cause...

treating asthmatics with stress 

how does 0 and 0 add up to 9.
it doesn't , but not talking mathematics - talking people

stress - stewing on your own stress juices if no relationship

the immune system of one human being is modulated by the interpersonal relationship with other human beings - can't look at people in separation... not from inception to death
inter personal neuro biology - daniel seagal

the biology of our systems is modulated by our environment and particularly our psycho/emotional relationships - so can't look at disease in isolation

greatest risk factor for disease - compulsive regard for the emotional needs of others while ignoring your own

the good die young.
a sentimental blindness that keeps us from seeing what's in front of us.
we celebrate in each other - that which kills us

2nd major risk factor - rigid obligation to duty and role - while ignoring self

belief - that you must never disappoint anyone - 15 min in

lou gherigs - don't know what causes them - only because we aren't looking
17 min- characteristic was their attempt to be cheerful and to not ask for help
why are patients with als so nice

lou gherig - dutiful - regardless as how he was feeling
never missed a game

when young fellow couldn't play - gherig pulled him out - but wouldn't do that himself

unconscious patterns that come very directly from childhood.

how to compensate - by making yourself indispensable
22 min - our coping mechanism.. if we're not loved, we become charming

suppress yourself.. lose your personality

26 min - the emotional states of the parents program the brain of the child

suppress my pain - because i better not create more noise, more stress

not blaming anyone.. unconscious implicit memories and patterns that are automatic
none of these are our first nature...
you weren't born suppressing yourself...
children (people) have 2 needs:
1. attachment2. authenticity - to be ourselves, to speak our truth

everyone knows what it's like to betray yourself - to not be yourself..
what happens when authenticity threatens attachment...
the attachment will trump the authenticity

which means i'll be stressed the rest of my life

the assumption - the mind is inseparable from the body and people are inseparable from environment
now proven 100% correct 
the medical profession talks about evidenced based practice and i (gabor) say....
if only we had evidenced based practice - evidence is mind and body are inseparable - it's past the point of controversy - we know the pathways
psycho- neuromonology - 
number of systems all connected into one.. nervous system.. nerver fibers go everywhere

1.  constant two - way communication
2.  constant biochemical cross talk - receptors
3.  the brain gut connection

thank you Amy
as you said - huge