Thursday, October 25, 2012

tweets oct 25

Teju Ravilochan (@tejuravi)
10/24/12 12:05 PM
Due to our servers being down yesterday, we extended the #Unreasonable2013 app deadline to 10/26 @ 12pm MDT (GMT-6)

nancyflanagan (@nancyflanagan)
10/25/12 7:13 AM
All-states map of gender income inequality. No state is close to equity. Many have shocking gaps. Like…

HungerFreeCenter (@HungerFreeCtr)
10/24/12 12:03 PM
MT @FeedingAmerica@CNNMoney article "over 30 million Americans are living just above the poverty line" #talkpoverty

the start up of you - toward hastening equity and esp toward ongoing-ness

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
10/25/12 7:12 AM
.@makower As long as Walmart continues rent-seeking, they are just increasing supply chain efficiency, not "scaling sustainability"