Wednesday, October 31, 2012

charlie kouns


During the coming years, our vision is to create a small sanctuary for all life that either lives or travels here.  At some point we will offer a few small cottages for those whose work in the world is to help in its transformation.  Butterfly Farm is offered as a haven for them to rest and reneergize, revision, repurpose, and/or express new creative energy.It will also be a space of nourishment for those groups and organizations who may gather here from time to time to envision their future, to celebrate their work together or to build community.For us, it is a place of wildness and nourishment that feeds our hearts and souls and teaches us the natural ways through all of the many glorious manifestations of nature and community. We will serve as stewards, working in partnership with the land and our community to re-learn the natural ways to bring forth growth, healing and possibility for all life - plant, animal, rock or human.