Sunday, October 7, 2012

a narrative for all people

from this post of Diane's - should students rate teachers
to this post of Larry's - what ed reformers did with student surveys
to this post of Felix's - the actual post - what ed reformer did w/student surveys

my response below is to all of it... be to Felix's post in particular..
i think you can only comment on the reuter site if you join, and i think you have to pay to join..
so just commenting here

so odd that we call so much attention to the very thing we have been doing to students for years now.

hopeful.. that now that we feel it, experience it, we understand the ridiculous-ness of it, the inhumanity of it, of standardized testing... and grades.. et al...having to prove things.. that are not even provable. (ie: PISA via Zhao, AP via Mazur, humanity via Davidson, thumbprint via Goyal, ...)

let's be about setting people free.. no?
in spaces of permission .. with nothing to prove.

zoom way out.. most of our time, talent, money, humanity.. is spent on the thing we would absolutely call out.. if it was done to us.

what does it mean to be human and alive,... human capital, a people agenda...
let's play in that sandbox for a bit...
one size does not fit all.. let's facilitate that.. no?