Thursday, October 25, 2012

david preston - & gang


monk51295: love this: i underteach - thinking more about thinking...

hrheingold: Underteaching is powerful if the students are empowered to take charge of their learning. &

love - ian as expert - same message - different messenger - makes a huge difference

blurring the boundaries that traditionally separate people... - d preston
getting people involved..
stereotypes that were once helpful.. but now are getting in the way

love - hangout night for parents to teach other parents

Interview of David by @hrheingold is a great intro to David's work:

hrheingold: In regard to critical thinking, what is Dr. Preston's approach to using Wikipedia in th classroom?
david's answer - a great place to start - an awful place to stop

"getting done to people" - is antithetical to open source learning..
on pushing ideas on other teachers

via super - first example of a classroom being a powerful learning network - using tech in a different way to connect people

monk51295: that's an amazing statement in 2012, no?
monk51295: allowed to suggest things..
amazing that we are asking if it's legal to think.. share our thinking...

another huge statement - rather than it being cheating, it's collaborating

monk51295: assumption: positive view of human nature

open up the obvious...

jonbarilone: Reminder: we'll have a full video recording and other curated content up later today at