Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kirsten olson

oh my... i finally get to meet this lovely face to face...

author of

on amazon

listening to kids without judging them
naming our reality is the only way to be free 

process of healing:
being known by someone

1. i'm the only one
2. tiny bits of insight of self-concept
3. anger, mourning
4.  sadness of what could have been
5. critical consciousness around the institution itselt
6. reconciliation and engagement

44 min - it's not really clear why we need to do learning in school anymore..

the capacity to get ourselves into flow is something we can practice...

resilience and pleasure....
as learning walks away from school, we will have to know that more

that will give us all bounce

there are no ordinary people..

52 min - so what is the moral purpose of school?

education is soul crafting - cornel west
that is the business we are in