Friday, October 12, 2012

dalai lama - at middleberry


hope wisdom compassion

peace doesn't mean - no longer different interest
the way to deal with problems - not using force - but using dialogue

our side win the other side defeat - impossible
respect, understanding, .... instead...

how to carry properly - dialogue?
comes from developing a sense of well being of others

modern ed system seems more materialistic
material brings more comfort for physical not mind

lot of money, fame.. but inside.. lonely
money has no ability to show us affection

23 - for human being - affection most important
those who received max affection at time needed - very young age.. much happier rest of life

too much competition.. often deadlock, jealousy, fear

culture of trust - huge

rich family - lack of human trust

inbalance - more cognition than heart - brings more anxiety
marvelous brains diminished by negative devotions

this generation.. smart brain + happy heart - will change self... society.. world

ed - not compete - not bent on arguments - but rather get to the root we can make change happen -

47:45 - love this..
are people the same.
answer - oh yes.. there's no question. same.

moral ethics must come from voluntary
otherwise can become hypocrisy

once love/respect comes from within... no longer bully/lie/etc

very cool - at end he says..
don't think of our meeting as entertainment.. think seriously about these things