Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ray peat

 "J.W. Prescott showed that, in all the societies he investigated, an inferior status for women was associated with sexual repression, self-mutilation, mystical-religious attitudes, militarism, and a hierarchical class system. Prescott suggests a two-state system in the brain, such that people do all those unpleasant things when they grow up deprived of pleasure. Interestingly, forty years earlier J.D. Unwin, a Freudian anthropologist who (unlike Prescott) favored repression, militarism, etc., came to the same conclusions. Behavior affects the hormones, and hormones influence behavior... [and here is the piece de resistance]... Life in a rat-box society makes brains grow smaller, and makes people do the things that maintain the oppressive conditions. Nutritional and hormonal social intervention can change this." - Ray Peat

thanks Amy