Monday, October 22, 2012

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news.yc Popular (@newsycombinator)
10/19/12 5:05 AM
Free Online Education Is Now Illegal in

similar to districts only allowing district staff to credential a kid, vs a uni prof or renowned expert..

Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas)
10/22/12 6:44 AM
"There are no rules of architecturefor a castle in the clouds."– Gilbert K. Chesterton

Insight Labs (@insightlabs)
10/22/12 6:36 AM
@stevenbjohnson Just finished FP yesterday...the clearest framework I've found to help me understand and plan our work. Thank you.

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
10/22/12 6:44 AM
Memories of emotional experiences are a source of

Jen Sigrist (@JenSigrist)
10/22/12 6:42 AM
What is good accountability? Data for imprvmnt, no judmnt, transparency, internal #isteLF12

Max McKeown (@MaxMckeown)
10/22/12 6:41 AM
That freedom thing? Someone somewhere is working hard to take it away from us


good people everywhere..
looking for the glue...
the balanced narrative... to scale equity across... to all people.

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Unstuck (@unstuck)
10/21/12 8:00 AM
We embrace this sound strategy behind saying the tough "no" via

dig down deep.. honor your soul...