Sunday, October 21, 2012

jerry michalski - tedxcopenhagen

school teaches clock is more important than your flow.
it's called: the compulsory education system.

when you look at structure of school - teachers are like a god. but in actuality - a demi-god - because of all their restrictions.

school is broken. since we can't fix it... we try to do more.. of bad things. like banging on a broken device.
over regulate
over medicate
i don't know who's nurturing good citizens
in the mean time, we've created a scarcity of 
the hell would we do this..?
1. we fear

that if we let go of these systems, let people do their own thing, we will destroy civilization
2. there are 7 bill people on earth, we need
we need to use efficiency and let this grow, we need to replicate, we can't customize - that will happen with tech, right?
3. we don't trust communities to come together and actually learn
4. it's in the interest of a lot of people to have
in the system

what sort of system would you build if we trust you?

to go find abundance and trust i need to step
where there is danger, liability, controversy, consequence, opportunity, 

wikipedia knows that undoing vandalism is pretty easy, and they know that the "edit this page" is an invitation for trust to come in and learn to do the dance

what does a world of abundance look like?
can learn 
[imagine spending less on paperwork (and people and spaces to manage that paperwork) of mistrust and more to do things like travel. we have all we need, no? we're just dispersing it in silly ways.]
and if you did these things, they'd be

becomes a learning/teaching tool

life is that interesting, many efforts around the world to tap into that.. ie: crowdsourcing science, et al

the problem is what was just described is 
in a lot of countries, and states in the US, taking your child out of school is illegal

this thing is often called
not a graceful word, also: free-range kids, edupunks

we know public ed
homeschool is outside of school, but school, have a curriculum, you're trying to pass tests, 
unschool is way far removed, really child led, curiosity led, it doesn't mean you leave your child on a desert island, but it also doesn't mean you have an agenda for what your child is going to learn today, ie: today is fraction day so we're going to..  this requires really letting go, an amazing act of confidence
does sound a bit like detox, it's meant to.. it's what you do with a kid who's been in school, has absorbed all the rules and regulations, so that might mean they end up playing nintendo games for a year until they get that out of their system, you have to trust that it's going to get out of their system at some point. deschooling is a process of 

assumptions of school .. just from looking at its architecture

if you want to look at how we're wired to learn, look at any
before we send them off to school
they have learned one (or multiple) languages
learned to walk, run, play, learn rules, learn how to game the rules, .. really very sophisticated stuff.

then they enter an era of stalling.. turns out is only takes about
to learn basic reading and basic math

there is only one variable that matters, just one, 
the child has to want to.

turns out not everyone wants that at the same month in their lives, but that's what we've done

when you compel - for the sake of efficiency or whatever, we break their curiosity, and we end up wasting 1000's and 1000's of hours of our children's lives, and your lives and mine, in fruitless activities because we couldn't remove ourselves from the metronome of the big system

i'm using school, kind of as a decoy, as a praxi, for coercion, for the compulsory aspect
schools are cool, particularly if you want to go and if it's voluntary

schools as voluntary drop-in centers

our system of efficiency and scale has taught ocd, institutionalized violence, boredom, and dependence

tech brings abundance - so many things.. and now 
like never before

doesn't that imply mistrust?
yes. but what it's not saying is that this is the state of nature
we could trust one another

who's the we, the you? 
it's us.
isn't this 
a lot of bad characters out there..

this has been about ed, but this applies to every sector
that's a bit of a problem

good news.. a lot of sectors are shifting mistrust to trust.. how are they doing it?

we live in an extraordinary time..

i (jerry) see my roll as accelerating this change..

what would you do differently tomorrow...

bravo man.. and grazie..

the man who's been on the brain for 15 years.
such clarity, focus...

i see my roll as accelerating this change..
i see my roll as accelerating this change..
i see my roll as accelerating this change..
i see my roll as accelerating this change..
i see my roll as accelerating this change..