Tuesday, October 30, 2012

attachment & authenticity - pisa et al


again... very frustrating that we are thinking we are seeing the bigger picture.. poverty... while completely missing the bigger picture solution. 
im thinking the solution isn't better academic success.. esp as we've determined it by any tests.. esp Pisa. why aren't we questioning that definition of success? it's in all of our hearts.. most of us just don't think it's legal or legit to think for ourselves.

authenticity:be you -talk to yourself everyday.. it is legal
attachment:be us -everyone is known by someone

we keep letting attachment.. doing what we're told... what we've always done... trump authenticity.   -Gabor Mate

i'm thinking the problem is we're not addressing the two most basic needs of people:
attachment and authenticity.
gabor mate has a talk that addresses them beautifully...
attachment being the connection with one adult 
[our - being known by someone - be us]
authenticity being the real you 
[our - talk to yourself daily - be you]

gabor says that the problem is - attachment trumps authenticity.
our school system makes people believe that relationship is not macho enough.. so we scoff at separation anxiety and say that we need to toughen up at 5 - and get used to being with mostly 5 year olds. and on and on. creating adults that have bought into consumerism - or whatever - in order to pacify their missing of attachment. every effort we make for that missing attachment draws us farther and farther away from ourselves. so that many aren't even around to attach to youth before age 5.
oscar wilde: most people are other people. their thoughts are other people's opinions. their lives a mimicry. their passions a quote.
we've created adolescence and midlife. 
no doubt.

it's an incredibly simple fix.
exactly why most academics are missing it.