Friday, November 9, 2012

tweets nov 9

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
11/9/12 5:11 AM
What happens when we’re brave?

We believe what you know is not as important as how fast you can learn.
This is no place for the slow.

Sheryl NussbaumBeach (@snbeach)
11/9/12 5:32 AM
"I’m becoming a better teacher by giving up a lot of what I USED TO THINK." @wrightsroom #vflr#plpnetwork

Cathy Anderson (@CathyLAnderson)
11/9/12 5:20 AM
The making of a massive online course | Duke

Diane Lauer (@MrsLauer)
11/9/12 5:31 AM
Bison stew to birch syrup, Alaska schools eat local under new program | Alaska…

Anne McCrossan (@Annemcx)
11/9/12 5:29 AM
Reports indicate ‘upselling’ and ‘putting on expensive conferences’ seem to be reaching epidemic levels.

Andrea Zellner (@AndreaZellner)
11/9/12 5:04 AM
Start of series of essays about dealing with academic perfectionism via @Zite#gradhacker

Andrea Zellner (@AndreaZellner)
11/9/12 5:03 AM
Harvard Wants to Know: How Does the Act of Making Shape Kids’ Brains? via @Zitecc @gravesle #NWP

3yr project.. and goal... what does and doesn't work "in the classroom"

Phil Shapiro (@philshapiro)
11/9/12 5:04 AM
My secret sauce is full transparency.

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
11/9/12 5:33 AM
Amazing: Microsoft turns spoken English into spoken Mandarin – in the same via @Zite

essentially bringing the museum to the street."
One central idea of SMoA is that it’s the first "public" art museum, meaning that not only can anyone in the city freely observe the art, but also, anyone can participate in creating it. Blank museum labels are freely available on the website, and people can submit photos of new works as they appear.
Of course there can’t really be a permanent collection, as nothing is permanent--or, for that matter, owned, when it comes to street art. But that’s the beauty of the project, which recognizes the ephemeral, evolving nature of the city, and celebrates beauty where you find it.

thanks paul