Saturday, November 10, 2012

reconnecting mcdowell

via anthony cody:

15 min version:

huge. and bravo.
but what if we can't get to where we want in this same structure..
of a classroom.
6 min in - says it all starts with a teacher in front of the classroom.
well - maybe same-ish idea - but more about being known by someone..

at 14 min - girl talking about wanting to get out of the area - that so many have college ed and still can't get a job.

5 minute version

Tim Kubik (@Kubikhan)
11/10/12 7:34 AM
Episode VII Renewed Hope: Letter to George Lucas – we need your independent vision –…

sent anthony our letter to george

we do believe, we not only have an outside of the box idea, we believe it is a narrative that can start anywhere, go everywhere. we believe it could turn ed on a dime. a simple plan (perhaps why so many academics can't see it) crafted by kids 4 yrs ago. we've been prototyping/experimenting with it.
premise - city as school (cross-generational expertise, tearing down silo and human walls et al) and scaling of the individual (rather than any of the incredible innovations)
we have a 10 month plan, ridiculous sounding, but doable.. to take this to the level of a global launch by august. starting in the middle of the us, loveland.  [nothing special about us.. or what we're doing... just that we're doing it.. and that it's a combo.. it's an and, not an either or]
though we've not taken any funding to date, this hastening of equity, we believe will hasten faster with no-strings attached funding.
20 mill is ridiculous. no strings attached is ridiculous. but this quiet revolution gets to the heart of the issue of redefining public ed:
1. everyone known by someone - attachment
2. talk to yourself everyday - authenticity
rather than this ongoing of spinning of wheels to get better at delivering something no one is really asking for. except people making money off it.
we believe the change we all seek has to happen at the city level. not the classroom level. we need to model this in a city - for people to see how breathtaking it can be. we need to model it so that people might start believing that it is legal to think for themselves. then we're set. people are good. we don't need to micro-manage them. we just need to set them free. we don't need prep or training for any of this.
imagine - perhaps we slow the suicide rate (1 every 40 sec globally) or the cheating rate (d pope's latest from stanford, 90%) in less than a year.. imagine....
not ridiculous. no?