Saturday, November 10, 2012

pascal finette & chaortic et al (tweets nov10)

visa - 700 per human beings on planet
visa - global trusted transaction company employing only 3000 people, 21 offices
using intricate web of small core and 10's of thousands of interactions, agree on core principals yet fiercely competing for each costumer

chaord - unity of chaos and order - [first heard this from noam kostucki]

visa's model was prophetic - internet and their system.. born apart and a reflection of each other
welcome to the culture of participation. the person, the public, is not merely a consumer but a producer

it is those who participate that will make change
it's about people coming together for the greater good of mankind.

so how to we engage in a chaord.
we need to accept the tension between chaos and order:
1. make things better than status quo, people will follow you when stakes are high and vision is clear and ambitious.. be bold.
2. empower people - push decision making to the edges.. along people to root around the structure, nodes don't ask for permission
3. allow participation and participate - invite people in..
4. treat and expect to be treated as a community of citizens. they are you and you are them. [the essence of participation]
if this is not what we've grown up in, we may need to let go of something:
1. command and control - it dies in face of participation
2. perfection - share works in progress - invite people in
3. hierarchy - give permission. no one to ask, no one to give you a key, no one to blame.

lean into this and you will not only nurture but accelerate the participation culture

the participation culture is here...
soon there will be too many examples to point to.. will no longer be the exception.
disrupt yourself. it will be the rule. lean in and embrace it - rather than getting dragged in.
a global society connected as a chaord, participating and powered and validated, by hearing our own voice in this new world.


pammoran (@pammoran)
11/10/12 7:33 AM
@MaryAnnReilly just heard Pascal Finette refer 2 chaordic- via long ago VISA CEO- blend of chaos &order #ideachat

pammoran @monk51295  here you go - you'll like this I think   walk out walk on ...  #ideachat

Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson)
11/10/12 7:34 AM
My point is all trad education founded in idea of "compulsory" and assumption that learning must be regulated@pascalvenier @timbuckteeth

Peter Singh (@Singhpeter)
11/10/12 6:37 AM
The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years (via@techreview)

not that they are online.. or free.. or?
perhaps that they are per choice... and no strings attached while you lurk

oh my..
Even though only a small fraction of those will actually complete a class, the rise of the MOOCs means we can begin thinking about how free, top-quality education could change the world. Khan’s videos are popular in India, and the MOOC purveyors have found that 60 percent of their sign-ups are self-starters from knowledge-hungry nations like Brazil and China. Nobody knows what a liberal application of high-octane educational propellant might do. Will it supersize innovation globally by knocking away barriers to good instruction? Will frightened governments censor teachers as they have the Web?

again.. it's that you are opening up free experimentation for the first time.

this kind of talk will only lead to more marketing... and schooling the world.
do people really want that..? or just jumping because it's free.. and an assumed success. ie:school Ed

Graham Brown-Martin (@GrahamBM)
11/10/12 6:35 AM
I'm looking forward to hosting a workshop at #wise2012 "Designing Education Beyond Borders" Tues 14th Nov 13:30…

first borders perhaps.. walls within a city/community

- Jeff Goldstein (@doctorjeff)
11/10/12 6:35 AM
SOMETHING SACRED - When we explore, we fulfill a commitment to our own humanity. #SSEP1

- Jeff Goldstein (@doctorjeff)
11/10/12 6:34 AM
It takes a community to educate a child … and a network of communities to reach a generation. #SSEP1

Hyper Island (@hyperisland)
11/10/12 6:38 AM
We're running energizers at #mozfest in #London today! #himf /

pammoran (@pammoran)
11/10/12 6:38 AM
The MIT Media Lab team is at the Mozilla Fest 12 - here's there video abt their work #mozfest

Mike Langan (@MikeLangan1)
11/10/12 6:15 AM
@ryanbretag @pernilleripp trdnl schooling shld lead to burn out.Once burnt forget wut u thot u knw and ask real questions.What is school 4?

Ryan Bretag (@ryanbretag)
11/10/12 6:30 AM
@pernilleripp @MikeLangan1 burnout is an opportunity for change and leadership. Admin must see it as possibility not negativity

Ryan Bretag (@ryanbretag)
11/10/12 6:12 AM
@pernilleripp and I fear we as leaders avoid difficult conversations in hopes these go away. This fails all involved.

pammoran (@pammoran)
11/10/12 6:22 AM
A4 also think of revamping how 2 use crisis as authentic lrning opp- math, science, writing, history..engage energy as learning #satchat
pammoran (@pammoran)
11/10/12 6:26 AM
@joesco77 why the #testprepcurricula fails us - learning in and from crisis will last a lifetime not just for a MC test #satchat

and i would suggest - not just crisis... life.. imagine we set everyone free daily.. to deal with life.. won't that be enough? won't we have better results than denise pope's latest, via stanford, over 90% cheat, et al....

pammoran (@pammoran)
11/10/12 6:13 AM
A3 also wonder abt how parents become part of a formal network to help communicate in SM - RTs, sharing info? #satchat

imagine this - community convo.. no? city as school. then not forcing conversation.. it becomes an allure.. natrual.. chaortic... addictive..

Audrey Watters (@audreywatters)
11/9/12 8:30 PM
Great post by @courosa: "Literacy Gangnam Style"
The new culture of learning actually comprises two elements. The first is a massive information network that provides almost unlimited access and resources to learn about anything. The second is a bounded and structured environment that allows for unlimited agency to build and experiment with things within those boundaries. - JS Brown
it's not that there is no structure in following whimsy, facilitating curiosity, city as school... it's that it's the perfect fit structure, from within.. bounded/structured to your thumbprint, because it comes from you

we don't know of this, because we have not yet experienced the freedom it begs, in a city-wide space.
ie: it begs freedom in spaces where there is cross-generational expertise, plenty of resources, non-compulsion, people are known by people...

Anya Kamenetz (@anya1anya)
11/8/12 8:25 AM
the hackable classroom via…

Buffy Hamilton (@buffyjhamilton)
11/9/12 8:09 AM
Henry Jenkins The Transmedia Generation:Spreadable Media, Fan Activism, and Participatory Learning | Connected Learning…

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
11/10/12 6:23 AM
Defy Ventures. Helping drug dealers & gang leaders become legit entrepreneurs. via@neilbrown cc @tenygross

Audrey Watters (@audreywatters)
11/9/12 8:30 PM
Great post by @courosa: "Literacy Gangnam Style"