Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Jason Silva (@JasonSilva)
11/8/12 5:45 AM
We’re all copying and transforming and combining—that’s really all that we can do. You can’t get something from nothing…

yeah - how do you attribute..
you attribute to someone who then must attribute... etc..

culture of sharing and remix.. for the betterness - not for the accolade.. no?

funny - next tweet (haven't looked at yet)
Sarah Nicholas (@SarahNicholas)
11/8/12 5:38 AM
Really like these cute evaluating info and avoiding plagiarism videos from… &…

Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
11/8/12 5:46 AM
Everything is waiting for you . . .… like a multi-vitamin,#poetry (wink GR)

nancyflanagan (@nancyflanagan)
11/8/12 5:47 AM
Glory-story of the night. Glenda Ritz has hard road ahead, but may be stalking horse for other progressive edu-change.…
note: Although participation is voluntary
interesting.. no?

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
11/8/12 6:06 AM
The energy required to tackle challenges emerges from

attachment (be us) & authenticity (be you) no?...
A sustained balance between trust in me and trust in others, that is reciprocal, it is only possible to establish yourself by the feeling generated and perceived in these connections. It is only possible through effective communication.
“The most productive people are the most trusting people. If this seems to be an astonishing statement, it shows how distorted the concept of trust has become. Trust is one of the most essential qualities of human relationships. Without it, all human interaction, all commerce, all society would disappear.” Taylor McConnell

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
11/8/12 5:54 AM
"The Beatles' Surprising Contribution To Brain Science"

Tim Stahmer (@timstahmer)
11/8/12 5:49 AM
When quants tell stories… Silver is very good at explaining his complex math model in bite-sized English-language posts

Lisa Noble (@nobleknits2)
11/7/12 5:15 PM
@snbeach thought this dovetailed with reasons ppl resist chg.Project Based Learning: The 10 Step Plan via @Zite

oh my. no wonder it's not taking hold.. similar to advisory... et al.
we doom most to frustration and cultures of mistrust if we just keep stacking... partial great ideas onto anyone's monitored workload...
what we get...? most people cheating (denise pope.. over 90%.. cheating - who's defining this again? not the people under mandate) as/for survival.
will we ever give up the micro management.. will we ever stop, call into question at least, our flight from vulnerability..
write more..
but.. #6 
Anticipate the number one problem: Teamwork. PBL relies heavily on student teams to draft, design, and create quality products. Excellent tools exist to keep students focused and productive, including work ethic and collaboration rubrics, contracts, and bonus point systems to reward initiative or empathetic behavior. But teachers struggle with fairness, variations in contribution, and grading issues. If teams don’t work, neither will projects. Learning to use the tools consistently is critical.
jane mcgonigal - people don't have a propensity for laziness.. they have a propensity for hard work.. but it has to be work that matters to them.. and then again - if it's work that matters - it's a multi-player game.

so micro managing team work - mandating (and yes - even if you say it's kids/teachers choice - the core mandates how we view the work) who's together, for what purpose, and how we view success.. creates a culture of mistrust... a non-legit environment.. for many

imagine instead  --- no prep or training (imagine all the time/money/people spent on this - on classroom management) - imagine instead - if we set kids (and teachers) free.. in spaces with nothing to prove. no raised eyebrows even. just believing - there is never nothing going on ... what needs to be learned will be learned. 9not to mention needing to get out of the physical structure of a school for real life to kick in.. cross generational expertise, et al) 
kids need teachers modeling uncertainty more than anything. that's our only certainty. prep kids for that by simply... swimming in the vulnerability of context with them... no? you can't prep for that. just keep practicing... what do i do when i don't know what to do.. [notice the unlikely, dream boldly, connect people/idea/information, do what matters most]
#7 - ...Each teacher (or team of teachers) needs to develop a driving question, project plan, and assessment plan, including the sometimes unfamiliar task of deciding how students will exhibit results and deliver public products. In general, every teacher will need about 45 minutes of coaching to turn a preliminary design into a solid plan.
you just lost motivation... big time. no longer legit... for teacher or students...
now kids get to watch you present stuff. they don't to see that. khan, et al have that covered. some teachers - if it's their love - can keep doing that. many people love presentations. but it shouldn't be mandated, and it shouldn't be hidden behind flashy acronyms like pbl.. no?