Monday, November 5, 2012

community convo

thoughts on the community conversations we're (perhaps) initiating at anthology. (anthology on facebook)


1. fears erased here daily:
perhaps writing and knowing they will be erased is enough.
perhaps it is just a start.
hoping that the acknowledgment, the few hours of visibility, the letting go-ness of this process is helpful to people.
we will erase them daily... taking note of any commonalities that we may start addressing in our faq's? who knows...
just taking them in. letting them be. letting them go.

2. curiosities facilitated here daily:
perhaps modeling our vision of what the be app could do to ground the chaos if many people felt free enough to follow their whimsy.
because, whimsy does matter.

sharing, listening to, and even healing of... curiosities.
plato says - the only things that stick must start from within.
we're seeking to get back to a natural state, imagine the curiosity of a 5 year old.
as curiosities are shared outside, we plan to daily bring them inside, gathering similar curiosities on a poster/board, in order to crowdsource (find out from all of us) curiosities we have in our city.
hoping that might encourage people to create gatherings that matter to them, per choice.

3. what i need in order to be free:
we also plan to put up a chart inside anthology titled: what i need in order to be free.
perhaps this is a space for those fears that just won't go away, or that you would like to be made public. we're thinking they are more concrete/actionable things, because the purpose of this chart would be for us to help each other out. perhaps even model/prototype a time/talent bank, as alternate currency.
ie: i put up the following....
in order to be free to help so-and-so with their [fill in the blank: gardening; learning japanese; creating their website; learning to dance; etc.], i need [fill in the blank: a babysitter for 3 hours,  $100 for missing a day of work; food; someone to take care of my pet; etc]

ongoing meetings at anthology...
monday mornings at 11.
tuesday nights at 7.

join us on facebook.
via.. our ongoing experiment - the be lab.