Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
1/3/13 1:36 PM
@ReachScale I just see too many smart people who are not strong at personal capacity planning and over commit and under value open space

But mostly what you want to do is invent. And to invent, you have to take the odd and the strange combination of the years of knowledge and experience on one side of the brain, and on the other side, the necessity for the brief to make sense. And you’re drawing from that knowledge to make an analogy and to find a way to solve a problem, to find a means of moving forward — in a new way — things you’ve already done.
When you succeed, it’s fantastic. It doesn’t always happen. But every so often, you take a bunch of stuff from one side of your head, and a very logical list of stuff from the other side, and through that osmosis you’re finding a new way to look at a problem and resolve a situation.
Daniel Pink (@DanielPink)
1/6/13 7:37 AM
The Path of Amateurs… via@farnamstreet

devising your own routines, you become as creative as possible. You invent exercises that work upon your weaknesses. You give yourself arbitrary deadlines to meet certain standards, constantly pushing yourself past perceived limits. In this way you develop your own standards for excellence, generally higher than those of others.

Daniel Pink (@DanielPink)
1/6/13 7:38 AM
What 5 simple tips can make you a much better writer?… via@bakadesuyo

 1. nobody wants to read it
2. be for you try to be clever be clear.
3.  stories not stats
4. who's your audience - use their words
5. words matter - it's not what you say it's what people hear
Lessons from Luntz:
1. simplicity - use small words
2. brevity - use short sentences
3. credibility as important as philosophy - be it
4. consistency matters; ie: wheaties tagline - breakfast of champions
5. novelty - offer something new - new defn of old word
6. humanize the message
7. sound & texture of words
8. use visuals
9. ask a question
10. lead with the why..
Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
1/6/13 7:39 AM
RT @nytjim: India gang rape victim's father: I want world to know daughter's name is Jyoti Singh Pandey

Heidi Siwak (@HeidiSiwak)
1/6/13 7:39 AM
"Wikipedia has changed from encyclopedia that anyone can edit' to encyclopedia that anyone who understands the norms, socializes ... 1/2
Heidi Siwak (@HeidiSiwak)
1/6/13 7:40 AM
dodges the impersonal wall of semi-automated rejection&still wants to voluntarily contribute time&energy can edit,'"…

Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)
1/6/13 7:40 AM
our heart can speak. our soul can whisper. It takes M.E. to put it into action.#spiritchat

Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)
1/6/13 7:42 AM
LOVE THIS! RT @thewordwit#spiritchat Agree! @LollyDaskal the action of M.E. = Mindful Energy #spiritchat

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
1/6/13 7:45 AM
2. Taking on problem stakeholders immediately recognize as significant? MT @JenniferSertlGr8 #Recalibrate ?'s for #CSR…
1. Can we identify and focus on a cause or problem whose solution creates shared value?
2. Are we taking on a problem that our stakeholders would immediately recognize as significant?
3. Is the problem we have chosen core enough to our business that we can ask our experts to apply their knowledge to the problem across multiple functions?
4. Is the problem we have chosen important enough that each member of the executive committee could justify spending two days a month (10% of work time) leading the organization and ecosystem in seeking a solution?
5. Is our wisdom, work and investment focused on attracting participants across the value chain? 

Valarie Sparks (@Sparking_Social)
1/3/13 3:01 PM
RT @ReachScale "The world doesn’t care what you know. The world cares about what you do with what you know.” @Forbes"

Milton Ramirez (@tonnet)
1/6/13 7:43 AM
Matt Damon's School Reform Movie [Video]

1:50 - we're not fighting for land... we're fighting for people...
we're a 9 bill $ company - do you know what we're capable of...
do you?

Dr. David D. Timony (@DrTimony)
1/6/13 7:43 AM
HW should more directly reflect what active citizens will do in regard to the content.@thenerdyteacher

oh my.