Wednesday, January 16, 2013

cathy davidson - tragedies & sharing

Think about that.   If the only way for a professional association to be sustainable is by selling your labor to exploitative publishers, something is seriously wrong
Many people out there engage in online or print publication of scholarship, poetry, arts magazines at low or no compensation.   Should their labor be free and un- or undercompensated in an era where Apple and Google have profits the likes of which the world has never seen before?  "Information wants to be free."  Yes.  Of course.  But what about the compensation of those whose labor yields that information
cake... if we redefine public Ed... no more monies to testing... people checking on people, al

i love cathy's mind..

finding from Amy:
When research is paid for by taxpayers, and government grant money even pays the journals to publish it, and mostly public money pays for universities to subscribe to the journals at outrageous prices, then I think it’s approximately criminal for the journals to charge for electronic access to it. If knowledge gets its value from scarcity, and the owner of the information deliberately makes it scarce, then ignorance becomes an essential part of the value system” -Ray Peat