Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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The kind of work that should be the main part of life is the kind of work you would want to do if you weren't being paid for it. It’s work that comes out of your own internal needs, interests and concern

Brad Feld (@bfeld)
1/1/13 8:47 AM Super article - very consistent with my recent article Give Before You Get -...

Whitney Johnson (@daredreamdo)
1/2/13 7:08 AM
When communication is to the point, relevant, worthwhile, and compelling, it moves you—the listener or reader—to action. -@TheBrandOfMe

dave cormier (@davecormier)
1/2/13 7:10 AM
@oscarcormier… rasberry pi education manual. just sayin'

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
1/2/13 7:11 AM
How To Disrupt
That’s what makes disruptive innovation so dangerous and so interesting.  It upends an existing order that seems to be working well.  The reality is that incumbent firms tend to get better and at things people care less about.  Eventually, the basis of competition will change and old metrics of success become us
innovation is saturated with failure.  The destination is uncharted so nobody, no matter how smart or accomplished, knows where they are going
The paradox is that once you get senior management involved in innovation in a significant way, it ceases to become innovation; it becomes a central part of organizational strategy and failure becomes extremely costly and time consuming.  In other words, it’s an absolute me
In actuality, innovation is combination.  It most often arises through active collaboration among people with diverse skills and perspectives.  That’s why so few enterprises can do it effectively.  Large organizations breed conformity, strong leaders encourage a singular vision and don’t like to incorporate ideas that are off-script.

pammoran (@pammoran)
1/2/13 7:24 AM
Key Ed stories from '12 that will matter in '

dave cormier (@davecormier)
1/2/13 7:19 AM
@gsiemens yeah... for claiming i don't know what's going on :P

sandymaxey (@sandymaxey)
1/2/13 7:34 AM
+1k #Deepbreath RT @nilofer Start something that needs to be started.

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
1/2/13 8:00 AM
"We have become a nation of tweakers in an era that screams for transformation." -- @skap5