Friday, January 4, 2013

bob gliner - schools that change communities

Kennedy Alternative High School in Cottage Grove Oregon will be among five schools featured in a new one hour documentary, Schools That Change Communities, which will air on OPB Plus, throughout most of Oregon, Sunday night, Jan 6, at 8 PM as part of beginning its nationwide broadcasts. Produced by Bob Gliner (Lessons From The Real World), this unique, engaging documentary turns the current focus of education on its head. While most US schools keep their students bottled up in classrooms as a way of increasing test scores, this very upbeat special focuses on a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states that instead break down the walls between the school and its neighborhood. By viewing their communities as classrooms, students are not only invigorated, but also motivated to learn the basics and how to think critically and engage in solving problems they and the larger world they inhabit now face.

At Kennedy Alternative High School students spend much of their time outside classroom walls helping Cottage Grove develop a sustainable environment.

Greg Smith, a professor of education at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, is also featured as a commentator on the documentary.

For more about the documentary and to watch a trailer visit Bob Gliner’s website: