Saturday, January 5, 2013

tweets jan 5 [privacy, creativity]

Thomas Steele-Maley (@steelemaley)
1/5/13 7:28 AM
@monk51295 reminded me of @Dennis_Littky saying “if you are not on the edge, you are taking up too much space”

Donald Miller (@donaldmiller)
1/4/13 10:44 AM
Do we become more creative as we age? Great article in the…

some people age and begin to lose cognitive abilities, they start to express previously hidden artistic talents
brains store everything we have seen and remembered for just such a momen
be app..
ability to communicate relies primarily on the use of verbal and writing skills, which are then lost when cognitive skills decline. But, creative arts like music or painting can bypass the "verbal pathways" and access other pathways that become available for communicatio

Antero and Adam..
writing reading is art...  just one form of the art of communication

led to the theory that, in the healthy brain, one part of the brain "suppresses" or is dominant over another part of the brain. In this case, the gentleman had musical abilities that were suppressed by another part of his brain. When the dominant part of the brain deteriorated, the "musical part" was released to express itself. The same theory may hold true for artists like Lester Potts, who started to paint after losing his verbal abilities. Alternative channels of communication have opened. Dementia patients' artwork reveals the ability to communicate in people who were previously thought to lack even self-awarenes
In memory of her mother Hilda (Hilgos) Gorenstein, Berna founded the Hilgos Foundation, which provides grants to art students who work with Alzheimer's patients.


Jennifer Borgioli (@DataDiva)
1/4/13 10:46 AM
@DrTimony on Wednesday, @science_goddess and I started a course on R. We've both had to shift into full-learner status. Can't multitask.

interesting.. what do we mean by this..?
1. we had to shift into full learner status
2. can't multi task

can't multi task because of where we ve been the last 100+ years..?
or can't multi task when in full learner status..? as if it's a task all its own.?

oh.. how to figure us out

John Faig (@johnfaig)
1/4/13 10:50 AM
excellent blog about using Google search - via @diigo#teacher #edtech

Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer)
1/4/13 10:51 AM
Great geography #101qs from @GregSchwanbeck. Why aren't these concentric circles around New York if rates are constant?

Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
1/5/13 8:10 AM
RT @FastCoDesign
Steelcase's Anthropologist On Remaking Offices To Create Happier… …
Flynn uses herself as an example: She finds she's way more productive working from home--she can protect her time there--and when she heads to Grand Rapids she can throw herself into "we" activities. 
 part on privacy shows importance of agency..
can we be alone. and not really be/do..? how to trust in self/others enough to keep on

Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney)
1/5/13 8:18 AM
"Acknowledging our shadow self is vital to growing up." Walk in the

Heidi Hass Gable (@HHG)
1/5/13 8:22 AM
@wmchamberlain Some kids don't have that kind of resilience. They will struggle and drown. Seen @BreneBrown work re shame? #rechat

Heidi Hass Gable (@HHG)
1/5/13 8:28 AM
@wmchamberlain We need to talk more specifically about culture and attachment as prerequisites for pedagogy/assessment changes. #rechat