Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dean groom - minecraft dilemma

Games like Minecraft are a role model for how learning could occur - and schools as a function of society still refuse to accept their resistance to change the day to day regime is setting a bad example to kids and parents. Teachers are a function of school, so it's futile to say they 'don't get it'. They do a good job, inside the parenthesis of the job. When people say "I'm stuck in traffic, the correct reply is, no ... you are the traffic". This to me is the  impass in educational technology right now. The gurus that espoused Web2.0 can't see past it - because web2.0 dogma is based on computer assisted learning. You can sell that to schools, but clearly you can't sell it to all teachers and only a handful of students.
Great to see Minecraft in schools - but better to see schools operate more like Minecraft.