Wednesday, January 16, 2013

steve cox - 70%

great insight... 70% et al..
guiding principals..

Guiding Principles
 A relaxed way of being creates clarity of thought and actions that flow.
 By thinking and acting for Us and not Me alone we become mindful of the needs and wants of others naturally.
 By letting go of what we cannot control we make space to act positively where we can.
 By accepting change as a constant with flexibility we can flow around obstacles and fill the wells of opportunity.
 Replace aggression with enthusiasm and you fill yours and others lives with positive energy.
 It is in the technique not the target that results are achieved.
 We ask questions to learn yet only by giving 100% to listening without prejudice can we discover the answers.
 By developing open relationships solutions are found where all can prosper equally.
 Only by viewing life from others perspectives and respecting their truth can we become balanced in our view.
 Like farmers we understand the cycles of our business so we know when to sew, nurture and harvest within it.
 By respecting the freewill of others we achieve through consensus not force.
 Within the information age we look to continually expand our knowledge everyday to help others balanced advice.
 70% rule to progress without burnout
on 70% in comments:
The pace set is the 70% rule where we work at a pace that is well within our top speed but allows for good progress. This would be like doing a constant 70mph on the motorway where your pace is good but does not over stress the engine or driver. 
Creating this pace also creates performance that enhances relaxed confidence which is at the core of Still Selling. Everybody’s pace will be different as each of us differ in the speed we can operate at and it is for the individual to find their 70% 
The benefits other than a good pace and developing relaxed confidence are reduced stress and allowing time for your mind to think rather than race. When our minds and body are relaxed we work more efficiently and consequently achieve more. 

find your 70%