Thursday, January 24, 2013

jean rhodes - mentors

mentors fit into connected learning model because learning is so much about relationships - Jean

reciprocation deepens the relationship - Jennifer

factors mattered most - #1 - shared interest - doubled affect
research of happiness - being good at something you love

youmedia and afterschool settings allow for democratizing happiness
equal access to happiness

jeff - mentoring summit 2012 - out of minnesota for every $1 invested in mentoring society receives- 25 cents  in return
single best investment - investment in another human being - and that investment is mentoring

mentoring only works with strong enduring intense relationships

[ccu's system perhaps - many levels]

a mentor-ship lifestyle - brother Mike

it does take a village to raise a child - Jennifer

after school - such a fertile ground.. freed from curricular demands, more time, informal discussions.. haven't explored as researchers enough, that after school promotes mentoring.. Jean working with hive on that - intentional mentoring, staff as mirrors/windows - reflected self, staff see the youth through eyes no one else has seen
mentoring done with best of evidence..
power of the anecdote
across the country - those hired to afterschool settings don't stay - so how to improve

history of veterans - sharing stories
scaffolding expertise

matchmaking project - randomization of relationships - see which ones had strongest affinity - then use that to build an algorithm to see which characteristics help

imagine all this
in the city.
as the day.