Friday, January 18, 2013

tweets et al jan 18 - onlyness/ap

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
1/18/13 6:09 AM
Onlyness (The Topic and the Talk at TEDxHouston)…via @nilofer

Jose Baldaia (@Jabaldaia)
1/17/13 7:02 AM
Is this the construction of a common language in innovation?

It is the “Innovation of knowledge” that uses an evolutionary construction of terminology and does not link to the traditional vocabulary that limits the expansion of knowledge.
There are new words, new meanings and greater proximity between things and people. This new language does not have static attributes as in the traditional speech language and change happens in an evolutionary way.
Marian Schembari (@MarianSchembari)
1/17/13 7:03 AM
How to Move to a New City (and not cry in the corner from loneliness)

it’s one thing I know about moving to a new city though, is that it SUCKSBIGTIME until you find your people. 

John Hagel (@jhagel)
1/17/13 7:04 AM
TED continues to expand its reach - this time through a collaboration with PBS to create programs out of

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
1/17/13 7:04 AM
Posted earlier: The Problem with "Personalized Learning" #edchat #education#edgeparent
oh my..
This is the problem with adaptive platforms that attempt to “personalize” learning to each individual’s inherent strengths. 
or perhaps the problem we have because of our bent toward micro management. ie: personalizing to our agenda, rather than personalizing period. platform in each head, whimsy as curriculum. onlyness here.. no?

Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
1/17/13 3:09 PM
John Mackey discusses his new book Conscious Capitalism with @BrianLehrer on @WNYC #ConsciousCap

Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz)
1/18/13 5:35 AM
Morning Advantage: Welcome to the New Videogame Gold
In this highly unregulated world of applications, no one is keeping an eye on apps to make sure they actually do what they say they will.”
ha.. sounds like describing lots of things.. ie: a person with an, diploma..grade..

George Couros (@gcouros)
1/18/13 6:04 AM
The Most Important Interview Question of All

Andrea Zellner (@AndreaZellner)
1/18/13 5:36 AM
Dartmouth to end use of Advanced Placement scores for

TimesHigherEducation (@timeshighered)
1/18/13 5:48 AM
Big news: Bristol the big winner as #Ucas reveals all on 2012-13 student
When the new policy takes effect, students will still be able to place out of an introductory level course or be exempted from certain requirements, but they will not be awarded any credits toward graduation

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
1/18/13 6:06 AM
Competition – Future of Money > @dgwbirch lets have a chat on this for#innotribe #sibos

John Spencer (@johntspencer)
1/18/13 5:35 AM
High-interest reading is often presented as a chance for kids to read fiction. Yet, non-fiction often allows kids to follow their interests.

Paulo Simões (@pgsimoes)
1/18/13 5:53 AM
What makes a good education system and a good teacher?

The best teachers are those who could support the learners to learn, based on these learners’ needs and abilities. However, I don’t think the learners would improve their performance solely because of those “best teachers”.  Learners would improve their performance if they have the “how to, chance to, and want to” improve

Mallika Chopra (@mallikachopra)
1/17/13 3:10 PM
This is so interesting... V cool

Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting)
1/18/13 5:48 AM
America invented "white" as much as we invented "black." We are all multiracial, all mixed up.#diversityisdestiny

Mariana Ludmila (@Yaquesita)
1/17/13 3:10 PM
“Our large schools are organized like a factory of the late 19th century: top down, command control management,

Will Richardson (@willrich45)
1/17/13 2:54 PM
Short snip from JP Gee's new Book "The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning" #edchat
awakening indispensable people

Thomas Steele-Maley (@steelemaley)
1/18/13 7:05 AM
Radical Claim Making and Youth Research:… cc: @MaryAnnReilly@monk51295 @rogre @paulallison @anterobot @stu_voice