Sunday, January 6, 2013

brad feld - start up communities

dscofield Details matter "The Missing Piece: Translators for Startup Communities in the Developing World" by @bfeld

As I listened to business people in the area, students, and members of the American University of Iraq, I was struck by the overwhelming need for entrepreneurs in Startup Communities in all arenas of life. An entrepreneur is a problem solver, an innovator, a person who gets off the couch to fix something that is really annoying them.  Though it is nice to have lots of entrepreneurs that start companies in the traditional sense, rebuilding a society requires entrepreneurship in every facet of life in every community, city, country– in government, health, law, environment, technology, education, business. This point is obvious to the people of Iraq, and I was amazed at the level of responsibility people were taking around me to do their part in the larger Startup Community to create the world they want to live in.  

perhaps we need to be about sharing more resources with - and learning more from...
rather than feeling we need to help. no?

so much we feel the need to teach people - they get better than us - out of survivial