Wednesday, January 2, 2013

john cleese - creativity

1. space - sealing yourself off
2. time - starting and stopping points in order to seal yourself off
yohan hizinger - play distinct from ordinary life both locality and duration..  ?
1 and 2 creates an oasis by setting boundaries of space and time - now creativity can happen
play is possible when we're separate from everyday life
3. time - how to use the oasis you've created - why do you still need time - by sticking at it - originality peaks - play with the problem for much longer before you try to resolve it.. dancing with the time that it's not solved - internal agitation, [in order to get rid of that we usually take a decision]
putting in more pondering time...
giving your mind as long as possible to come up with something original
4. confidence - true play is experiment - openness to anything, whatever is ok, can't be playful if you're frightful that moving in some direction will be wrong, alan watts - you can't be spontaneous within reason, while you're being creative - nothing is wrong
5. humor - gets us from closed mode to open mode quicker than anything else
selenity serves pomposity