Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Ira Socol (@irasocol)
3/7/12 7:03 AM
What I really said about "rigor" and why the term should disappear

Alan Levine (@cogdog)
3/7/12 6:59 AM
RT @wfryer @mattrockell awesome #TEDtalk on storytelling: ideas 2 polish skills of engaging educators #d

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
3/7/12 6:59 AM
@davecormier @effectsofNAPLAN @lasic @symphily in terms of research going beyond reflexivity to diffraction, different structures.
Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
3/7/12 6:57 AM
@davecormier @effectsofNAPLAN @lasic @symphily in other words, i see possibility in the nomad's war machine similar to Haraway's cyborg.

Brian J. Nichols (@bjnichols)
3/7/12 6:57 AM
@L_Hilt @bhsprincipal Thanks for mentioning the undercurrent post guys! Will you be at #ASCD12 in Philly?

Paul Schreiber (@paulschreiber)
3/7/12 6:57 AM
Bike shops who sell cable locks do their customers a

Clay Shirky (@cshirky)
3/7/12 6:56 AM
Geeky & long, but Bret Victor's video on writing software using responsive programming tools is wonderful

Matthias Heil (@MatthiasHeil)
3/7/12 6:55 AM
QR-Codes waren gestern. Hier kommt der Touchcode. – Basic

David Sirota (@davidsirota)
3/7/12 6:54 AM
Coming up on @AM760: 7: Madonna coming to Denver 735: CO Sup Court allows guns on college campuses. Tune in:

Skillshare (@skillshare)
3/7/12 6:53 AM
Exciting morning for Skillshare! Our very own Boston Community Ambassador,@badboyboyce is being interviewed by @FOX25news!

Scott Elias  (@ScottElias)
3/7/12 6:51 AM
5 Minutes on The Verge: Nicholas Felton… via@verge cc @ddmeye

Alfie Kohn (@alfiekohn)
3/7/12 6:46 AM
2 Ed Week essays warn that “personalized learning” may be impersonal & behavioristic:

Ben Grey (@bengrey)
3/6/12 3:00 PM
@DrGarcia Or, maybe, Steady On. With a link to this. (Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing)

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