Friday, March 16, 2012

higher ed

higher ed monopoly crumbling
Straighterline, Udacity, and MITx exist outside of that system. They aren’t accredited or subsidized. The value of their credentials will rest on nothing other than the authority of the grantor and the transparency of the process by which they were granted. That’s why it’s highly unlikely that these credentials will be worth as much in the job market as traditional degrees at first. But in that sense, they fit perfectly with the classic theory of disruptive innovation.
wondering if we'll ever get to the point where the majority of credentialing is by your community.. the people around you. [the 10%ish who need diff credentialing can still get that...?]

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stanford online-courses-a disruption?

The plan is to have an "on-campus lab" for experimentation, said Mitchell. He will chair a multidisciplinary faculty committee on educational technology that will include deans of three schools, the university provost's office and faculty or senior administrators from across campus.
"We'll be able to tap into the creative ideas that faculty have about improving courses, and accumulate insights and learning from a lot of very thoughtful people," Mitchell added.

very interested in on campus lab and john mitchell..

Advances in video technology, social networks and collaboration software have put us at an inflection point in technology for higher education," said John Mitchell, a professor of computer science whom Stanford President John Hennessy has selected to be his special assistant for educational technology.
"Stanford has always been a place where we are not afraid to try bold new things," said Stanford Engineering Dean Jim Plummer, one of three deans who will serve on the university's committee on educational technology. "The technology's there, the faculty interest is there, and this is a great opportunity to see what's possible in educating people outside the physical bounds of the university." 

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unis follow bookstores into oblivion?
and Richard Demillo
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