Tuesday, March 27, 2012


via bud on his week in tweets:
So playing well with others requires knowledge of boundaries and constraints. And the ability to decide when to fiddle with them. #

boundaries and constraints.. curious if we focus too much on them and less on knowledge of a person, getting to know a person.
perhaps they are one and the same.

in ed.. i do believe we focus too much on boundaries and constraints.. i'm thinking because it's such a mass of people. and many of them are not choosing to be in certain spaces.

just very curious - what would happen if we left people alone.. to be free.. would we settle in to a more humane play.. in a more timely fashion..?

i know we haven't seen that in ie: school, but i'm thinking that's because we haven't really practiced free-ness.

krishnamurti.. partial freedom is no freedom.
i'm thinking of spaces where no one feels they have to prove anything.
or no one thinks it's a trick and if they fall for it.. this time of being free.. they'll have to pay for it later.. by more work or a lower grade or .. ?

very curious...
dying to experiment with a larger group of people