Thursday, March 22, 2012

natalie warne

being young and making an impact

found this great ted because of
Randi Klassen (@randiklassen)
3/21/12 9:44 PM
Watched a Ted Talk today and wrote about it here, #ECMP355 you should watch this!

motivated by conviction and not recognition

single-mindedly without a care who is watching...

so - look at all this crazy incredible-ness... people doing something that matters
100000 anonymous extraordinaries...

so what do we do when they share that.. we critique it.. perhaps to someone then having a breakdown, because they were misunderstood..

we have to start assuming good will.

assume good will

we are wasting time and money and people.
we are wasting people.

when the doors are closed and the cameras are off it's tough ... but that's what makes us..

when the doors are closed and the cameras are off..
what is your dance?
that is what makes you extraordinary