Sunday, March 25, 2012

diane ravitch

WHAT IS THE SECRET of successful charter schools, those that consistently record high standardized test scores?
Note: wait.. a defn of success we should all be questioning.. before we start swimming in the secret.. no?

so - i just finished Diane's book 
and boy did it rile me up. perhaps the kindle for ipad is not such a good idea for me.. i'm a write in the margin as i read person.. and i find myself doing that on the kindle.. via twitter. 
well - caught in the moments.. i'm sure my tweets may reek of disrespect to Diane. if so - i want to clarify here... i'm riled about a system we need to change, a conversation in desperate need of change, and the story she tells, the facts she shares, amped that. 

lately i've been repulsed by my own boldness, crassness, outspokenness.
i'm calling myself on it.. and struggling with it..  
it doesn't feel like the me i'm used to.
but i do feel a responsibility to change things up. 

i see us spending so much time/money/energy - and people - working toward a goal - that i don't think any/most of us desire. i think too many of us are just in the carry-on phase. too busy to breathe even, let alone notice the passivity we've gotten ourselves into.

one major thing i think we're missing:
assessment.. means to sit alongside. it's a conversation. not a comparison of #Kindle

district charters:
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@monk51295 yep - one in Ga I know

a lot of this was in there:
Bernd Nurnberger (@CoCreatr)
MT @samchaltain: when you define #school success or failure via a single metric, this is what happens @monk51295

and very little of this:
Bernd Nurnberger (@CoCreatr)
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thank you Bernd..