Saturday, March 31, 2012

hunger games

by suzanne collins

reading hunger games... my so many correlations..
is this thinking part of the movement?

p. 87.. how empty the house felt.. even from a distance..

p. 111... that's the first time I'd seen him smile. it transformed him to someone menacing.. to some one you wished you knew...

p. 123.. remember they already love you.. just be yourself..

p. 174... energized by renewed fear (disgust)
p. 175... there's no time to judge if a. move is the correct one. when there's a hiss, I act or die

p. 179.. pity does not get you aid. admiration at your refusal to give up does.

p. 208.. people that have it good.. are at a disadvantage.. they don't know how to be hungry

p. 212.. by lunch we have a early afternoon we are poised to carry it out

p. 204.. elements of expertise from unlikely people.. here - rue and her noticing abilities.. starting to carry over to katniss
p. 209..  more expertise - boy from district 3 who sets up the mines
p. 220.. katniss knows there is a solution .. makes herself focus  - there is a solution to this, i know there is, if i can only focus hard enough
p. 236.. don't hate the people hate the capital.. peeta - think of a way to show the capital they don't own me. that i'm more than ust a piece in their game
p. 238 - rue's connection to birds.. our connection to everything.., ray, i am
p. 239 - district 11 giving gift to district 12 - this is how we can make change happen.. boldness together, reaching past supposed barrier
p. 240.. when she feels unable, she sees prim watching her, and can't not go on, then to jump start herself,.. katness talking to herself - detox
p. 241... no longer running.. no longer defense.. katness to cato - i'm right here.. waiting.

p. 242.. katness believes she can win.. and it's not about knowledge or skill, it's about her connections.. to people. esp rue at that point
p. 311 - most of my life has been consumed by the acquisition of food, take that away and i'm not really sure who i am
p.354 ..  everything was about them,  not the dying boys and girls i the arena

oh my. now reading catch fire..
wasn't going to add notes here.. i was just going to read..
but p. 100..
what about the families.. the ones that can't run away.. this isn't just about saving us anymore (and I hear charters and et al screaming in my head) a
p. 111... when a sick or dying person is brought to her.. this is the only time i think my mother knows who she is
p. 122... i can't let the capital hurt prim.. and then it hits me. they already have. (let's wake up and listen to the youth around us.. to everyone.. what is more of a risk..? playing it safe is certainly not boding us well.)
p. 143... the disbelief of the chronically hungry..
p. 144... discontent was always there, of course, to some degree. but shat differed was that talk was no longer sufficient, ad the idea of taking action went from a wish toa reality
p. 205.. cinna - don't worry. i always channel my emotions into my work. that way i don't hurt anyone but myself
p. 253 - the mockingjay has come to symbolize so much more...  and i'm suddenly so afraid for him. what has he done? something terribly dangerous. and act of rebellion in itself.... don't worry i always channel my emotion sin to my work. that way i don't hurt anyone but myself.
p. 257 - how real are the tears? s this an acknowledgment that he has been stalked by the same fears i have? that every victor has? every parent in every district in panem?
p. 258 - and then it happens.. the vistors begin to join unbroken line.. first public show of unity among the districts since the dark days

and now.. mockingjay
p. 5 - some walks you have to take alone
p. 23 - re: in the arena. caesar - it costs your life. peeta - oh, no. it costs a lot more than your life. to murder innocent people. it costs everything you are.
p. 28 - i've got someone to tell my secrets to again.
p. 36 - in many ways, district 13 is even more controlling than the capital [is this not what's happening in ed..? ie: waiver of nclb has more rules perhaps, and worse.. we're believing it's a setting free]
p. 90 - [this was probably one of the hardest pages for me to read in all 3 books. the most real. these hospice type goings on. all of us - talking to teachers and kids that feel like there is no way out, they have no choice - ] - the damage, the fatigue, the imperfections, that's how they recognize me, why i belong to them. i begin to fully understand the lengths to which people have gone to protect me. what i mean to the rebels. my ongoing struggle against the capitol, which has so often felt like a solitary journey, has not been undertaken alone. i have had thousands upon thousands of people from the districts at my side.
p. 110 - therefore, his worth is not defined by a single element.... [so he focuses less on the single victories or failures]
p. 126 - i decide not to judge him without knowing more details  [chimamanda - the danger of just one story]
p. 241- all around the dining hall, you can feel the rejuvenating effect that a good meal can bring on. the way it can make people kinder, funnier, more optimistic, and remind them.... it's not a mistake to go on living. it's better than any medicine.

- mockin g  j   a    y