Saturday, March 24, 2012

presentation mode

routine - you get better at things, you work toward that 10,000 hours to become expert

chaos - you get better at you, imagine 10,000 hours at practicing vulnerability in context.. swimming in the moment, taking life in, as is, listening, not missing it

[huge scene for me in hook - i can't remember who tells who.. but they say - you're missing it.. ]

for me this resonates with swimming. i love being underwater.. i feel immersed, like in no pretenses, and free, like i have nothing to prove, i just am. when you get a second wind at something, and you just feel like you could go on forever, addicting almost...

[thank you amanda]
interesting that presentation mode doesn't work in hangouts.
hangouts are closer to what i've been craving.. those intimate virtual convos. where presentation doesn't exist, but rather community and conversation.

here's to not missing it, to breathing life in.
to forgetting about any presentation, but rather - simply being present.