Sunday, March 18, 2012

ivan illich

the man unsettles me. he makes me even more restless.
when did we decide we could judge others, validate them? that value is measured by man's ability to consume?
[hygiene - make sure that everything that happens is planned by someone else..]
illich - a man who goes to school feels he is competing for equality, and how crazy to be obligated to compete for that. to compete for validity.
and .. in his section on regressive taxation.. that we decide to discriminate because of a man's pedigree or curricular study, if a man used (via illich) $10000 more of public funds to reach some creditation, and yet is not necessarily any more competent to teach or model skills than the guy who speaks fluent french, why do we deem people better for things we don't even believe in...

what are we thinking..?

thinking i might start sharing my detox videos on youtube. (thank you to Venessa. emergent by design. i'm emerging. take it in if you like.) i think i need to share more. i think i think i'm being humble by not sharing. i think others might think i'm ridiculous for sharing. that it's a show. maybe it is. i don't think so. but i guess i don't care about that so much as i care about freeing people up. so i'm doing all i can. today.
to me... using our heads (and hearts) is a vital way to free us up. we have to start taking charge, choosing.

so - to me detox is huge to that. talking to ourselves.

this is the first one i did on my own laptop, (not in our little detox booth):

and this is the last one to date. as in i did it today, .. after the whole illich audio revisit suggested by thomas:

here's the playlist for detox videos between the above two

and now imagine that talking to yourself - crafting a mesh network of yourself..
something like the brain.