Friday, March 16, 2012

aron solomon

start at 10:30 to about 19:50 for Aron


prep schools excel at one thing.. prepping for college

aren't we supposed to help kids change the world

schools are traditional things, big and heavy
they are the box we refer to
how do we train people to live outside the box if we train them inside

don't we want our kids to lose this box thing

2010 - thinkglobal school started.
2010 - stockholm, sidney, beijing - 3 new cities every year

build a school that is light and agile
brick and mortar schools - thing of the past

physical and experiential

get kids outside of comfort zone

let students decide

what ever happened to the concept of happiness.
shouldn't ed be the vehicle to that...

don't teach me what to think, teach me how to think..

10000 hours.. of virtuoso study, in the world and about the world..

the new world of work

Hereʼs a little story from my own life:
After working as a teacher and coach (which I loved) I went to law school and
became a lawyer (both of which I hated). No one had ever asked me if I wanted to
be a lawyer - that was the expectation set for me. So I left a good job that I liked,
went to law school, worked toward being a lawyer and started to work in the law. I
was unhappy and didnʼt even really realize how much so, but it didnʼt matter
because I was meeting expectations set for me by my mother and many others.
My story is all too common in life. Families want “the best” for you and they make
assumptions about what those things are going to be. Normally these are based on
their own prejudices and what they want too. Thatʼs just human nature. However,
the days of having to do what I did are long gone. These days, you can do
whatever you want for a living because it is very easy to create your own business,
build a global team and get started. 
Fitzgerald wrote, “There are no second acts in American lives,” but this is absolutely
untrue today. You have the opportunity to reinvent and redefine yourself. And if you
do so and it doesnʼt work, do it again.