Monday, March 26, 2012

goldie hawn

found hawnfoundation via this article tweeted by Kes.. ah the connections..
and i started looking into her mindup

and found this article on goldie by the same author of the movie -
About the Author: Ingrid Wickelgren is an editor at Scientific American Mind, but this is her personal blog at which, at random intervals, she shares the latest reports, hearsay and speculation on the mind, brain and behavior. Follow on Twitter @iwickelgren.

wondering.. is it not that everything is new.. it's more that we don't take more time to talk.. share? imagine if we spent our days.. the work/school part of our days - pursuing things such as this... connecting people about things such as this.
incredible things keep happening on the side. what if they were the center. what if the center is now the center of the edge..

i remember growing up with goldie on - dang can't think of the name of it - but a go-go show. and i can remember my impression of her was happy. kind.
love reading a bit more about her.

if so many of us really believe in quality of life and happiness.. let's do more about it, no? not just after hours.

life's too short.