Wednesday, March 28, 2012

edward glaeser

triumph of the city

so many people doing cool things..
like wanting to read every book, i want to meet them all..

my latest intrigue - Edward Glaeser

-cities are the absence of physical space..between people and companies..
success depends on physical connection..

If you fix the cities, you fix the world."

sounds like Cormier - no?
sounds like community as curriculum..

why are we laden with policy/rules/credentialing/...?
because our communities are broken, disconnected (thomas)
so - let's work on community... no?

why vegas to  Hsieh: The good times in Vegas, when it seemed like money was falling off of trees, I think caused people to chase something that ultimately wasn't able to bring them long-lasting happiness.

let's quit chasing, or being zombies..
let's create us. now.

Connie Yowell - this is a work that needs to never be finished...  perpetual beta.. always becoming..