Wednesday, March 28, 2012

alec couros

on steve hargadon - future of ed

open teaching..
starts with open teaching... open transparency in how we learn

girls first ski jump - couros's fav's on youtube

Alec Couros 6:13 PM
the accomplishment
the transformation

the learning project - with shareski - learn anything via internet
how can i learn something today, how can i be vulnerable on the web, and connect to people
dean - guitar (hs students made videos for him to learn)
Alec and Dean led that conversation at Educon

open access journals- not the norm for most univ professors
 - tax payers are paying double for this.. and we're hiding info people could use

open access - pay if you like, don't if you can't
so knowledge flow is free, people can still make money, money doesn't come directly from content
value comes from what you give away - rheingold - attention is the one thing we have little of.. the more you give away - the more attention you get

when pursuing passion.. money takes on a different role, ie: don't need same standard of living because i love what i'm doing   -

not the content.. the experience (mooc - an event)

steve collis - most audacious classroom

could agency start to overrule compliance?
agreed - sense of networks is new..

once the institutions tinker with this networking too much..lose the essence.

one of fav videos from one of Alec's courses by @onepercentyellow.