Sunday, March 25, 2012

jonah lehrer

first met up with him while reading john we think

IMAGINE from Jonah Lehrer on Vimeo.

we can't help but...creativity is our natural state..

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highlights to me.. great read..

Scientists have determined that people in a relaxed state and a good mood are far more likely to develop innovative or creative thoughts. ..
At 3M, every engineer has an hour a day to do whatever they want: whether that's work on a side project or simply tinker with a hobby.
Jonah Lehrer
EnlargeNina Subin
Jonah Lehrer has written two books about the brain: How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist, in which he argues that Marcel Proust was decades ahead of science when it comes to understanding how the brain works.
"It doesn't have to be directly relevant, they don't have to justify it to their boss — all they have to do is promise to share it with their colleagues," says Lehrer. "This sends an important message early on: we've hired you, we think you're smart, we trust you, we trust you to find solutions, you manage your time in your own way."

 a little bit sad or melancholy — comes with some cognitive benefits. ...
as we get older, as we get tenure in a field, we become invested in the status quo. We develop habitual ways of thinking, routines, we develop customs in terms of how we solve problems. Those make our lives a little bit easier, they make it easier to apply for grants. They make our days a little more efficient but they also make it harder to think outside the box."